My name is Jacobus but everyone calls me Jack. My journey with photography started when I took up surfing in my teens. When I wasn’t out in the water myself I would be taking images of my friends surfing. This naturally expanded into photographing the surf culture along Victoria’s West Coast.

As time went on, I grew to appreciate more and more the magnificent coastal scenery along the Great Ocean Road on Victoria’s West Coast and of course the many beautiful waterfalls and fern gullies in the Great Otway National Park. It became my passion to produce captivating images of this natural wonderland.

In the late 1990’s, I embarked upon the “Diploma of Illustrative Photography” at the Photography Studies College (PSC) in South Melbourne. This experience taught me to explore my inner self and to focus on the emotional aspects of photography. I also gained a much deeper technical understanding of photography as well as the skills required to work in the Digital Age. I completed the course producing many wonderful folios of images, an effort of which I am very proud.

In recent times, I have concentrated more on capturing Landscapes and Seascapes using a time -lapse approach. This includes night time images of the Milky Way and the Aurora Australis. I am very passionate about this new direction in my photography. It seems ironic that as I get older and slower my shutter speeds are getting slower too.

I am extremely passionate about photography and I enjoy producing images that have a very “Arty” feel. I hope you enjoy looking at the images on my website and hopefully you will be compelled to purchase some of my work.